I've been a Realtor in Tehama County for 12 years, all with Coldwell Banker C&C Properties. I chose CBC&C because of their educational real estate updating, technology innovation, family atmosphere and nationally renowned reputation. I've gained knowledge through those values but even more when applied directly to specific customer/client interaction in helping them determine how to sell or buy a property. Buyers and sellers have one thing in common, both are looking for how much they can get in a transaction. As a Realtor I have the resonsibility of representing either buyer or seller or sometimes both in achieving their goals fairly, legally with integrity and honesty. On that note I also have to admit that it is natural for buyers and sellers to have preconceived notions of their own as to how to obtain their goals. That is where my guidance, advice, experience and expertise of being a Realtor has optimum value over impersonal real estate web sites.

Sellers for the most part will tell me the amount they want to price their property based on what they still owe on the mortgage and any recent property improvements. To determine if this may or may not be workable I offer a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to arrive at a fair market value for the property. This is a valuable tool not only to balance a seller's asking price but also to inform a buyer on a suggested  amount to submit on making an offer. However, because reality is subjective, therefore not the same for everyone, my advice is not always welcomed. As a result some sellers will want to overprice their property based on various reasons: emotional ties, cost of remodeling, finances needed to move etc. Overpricing will result in buyers either overlooking a property or want to submit an offer that would not only be insulting but rejected. Although real estate is not an exact science, my time as a Realtor, is too valuable to see it as a game. I consider my experience and knowledge of the real estate market to be taken seriously. I have seen overpriced properties that I chose not to list remain an extended period of time on the market and eventually come down in price to sell at the market value I initially suggested. Buyers who continually want to submit offers less than market value will always lose out to those who recognize what is fair market value and structure their offer accordingly.

 If you have comments or concerns that you think Realtors should be incorporating into their client relationships what would they be?. There is always room for improvement.